Who Are We?

Peer Tutoring is a student-run business that aims to have its tutors help their peers thrive academically as well as learn more productive study habits. School curriculum is constantly changing and the best tutors are those who can relate to their peers and effectively explain the contemporary concepts taught in modern-day classrooms.


In light of recent events worldwide, Peer Tutoring is happy to announce that we will be fully-operational and have transitioned to online tutoring! With the mass amount of access to online education outlets and communication services, we have no doubt that tutoring will continue to be as effective as ever, and we are looking forward to continue working with our peers to ensure that everybody is able to stay on top of their work while away from school.

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These are the list of subjects that we currently offer help to students with. We strongly believe in structure, which is why we ask for the subject in advance, as it allows us to prepare a lesson plan that will be most effective for the student. If you have any further inquiries about what we teach or how we teach, please click “CONTACT” in the top right menu to be redirected to our contact page.


Algebra, trigonometry, factoring. These topics never change. What does change are the techniques used and there is nobody more up-to-date with these techniques than our students who are currently using them in their classes.


English & Language Arts

Effective writing and analysis are skills that are required for almost every career path one can undertake, yet most struggle with these skills. What many students need are learning strategies and our tutors can teach the most effective ones.



There are so many fields of science such as biology, chemistry and physics. All students struggle with one or two of these conceptually and no matter what the topic, we work to ensure that our students fully understand all aspects of science.



One of the reasons learning Spanish is difficult for English speakers is due to differences in sentence structure. By conquering this challenge, our tutors can help students go from “I don’t understand,” to “Hablo español muy bien!”



There are tons of tutoring sites that exist. Why choose us? Peer Tutoring is a unique company that has many benefits that other tutoring organizations do not have. Below are a few of the key factors that make Peer Tutoring stand above the rest.


We emphasize the word “Peer” within Peer Tutoring for a reason. Not only can students better relate to one another but nobody knows the curriculum better than students who have just learned the material.

Learn to Learn

We believe learning is more than just memorizing information. We teach efficient study habits, how to master organizational & time management skills and help our students embrace repeatable methods.


Minimal advertising and zero overhead allow us to charge only for the time and value we provide. This enables you to invest appropriately in the tutoring cycles you desire to surpass your current goals and to aspire for more.


We offer our services at the location of your choice. Whether it’s within your home, an alternate location or online, we believe that learning is more readily attained when the student is comfortable in their environment.


Please feel free to fill in this contact form with any questions, concerns or requirements you may have. We will work with you to setup the proper tutoring scenario that best fits your needs.